Loco for CoCo

A bit of a digression from the whole wedding planning/house buying saga (oh, have I not touched on the real estate part yet? Just wait).

I discovered the cutest coffee shop in Uptown Charlotte this week. Oh my gosh, it gives you all the feels (I think that’s the cool phrase now.. right after “literally” and “omg”) and it’s literally the cutest (I’m cringing). Anyway, I’m not a coffee drinker in the least bit (I’m a hot tea – no sugar kinda girl.. unless it’s my moms southern sweet tea, iced to the brim) but I adore the feel of this place. It’s so cozy and earthly yet it swarms with sophisticated bankers.

I went to pick up some coffees for the office – “flat whites” to be specific (2 shots of espresso and foamed with milk.. I think) – but I didn’t know what to get for myself so I asked for suggestions. MJ, the lady taking my order, (she goes by MJ because she hates her first name), said she’d whip up something yummy so I told her to have at it! Little did I know, she’d  whip up MY VERY FIRST pumpkin spice ICED latte (#psl anyone, anyone?). Y’all. It was scrumptious. Fall in a cup of joe.

pumkin spice goodness

If you’re ever in Uptown Charlotte.. stop in, ask for MJ, and order whatever you fancy. You won’t be disappointed.

chalk board goodness
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Does this post make me a hipster?

Who doesn’t want to buy beverages out of a trough?

Plenty of shopping while you wait 2.5 min for your coffee (I mean, they could at least try to take a bit longer).

All the Pumpkin Spice goodness,


P.S. Don’t forget to grab a loyalty card 😉 they’ll stamp the mess outta it for free coffees

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