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Pineapples and Porches

Hi Family,

Sorry for the October silence. Allow me to fill you in on life.

After months of tedious searching, The Fiance and I finally purchased a house. Let me give you the play by play of our first week as homeowners.


I’m pretty sure Mr. Homeowner left closing to go sit in the house and soak up the moment – I left closing to get my hair dyed for fall (oh yeah, I’m a brunette now).

Officially Homeowners

As a celebratory dinner, we went to our favorite spot in South Park (see pictures below; I love this Cafe and just HAD to share).

Cafe Monte

caroline’s favorite food group
his meal

her meal


We made our first purchase as homeowners – a kitchen table (thank you, Craigslist) and we had our first meal in the house (thank you, Postmates). The Cutie and I sat on the floor (chairs didn’t come with the table), prayed for our home, and ate our grilled cheese sandwiches. After eating, we spent the rest of the night cleaning all the trim and baseboards and vacuuming the dog hair from the corners of the home (thank you previous owners).


(This is where it gets good)  We spent all day at the new house and here’s all 2 things we accomplished.
1. Closetmaid Shelving: the shelves in every closet had a sticky residue and our brilliant minds decided save money instead of just replacing them. (Keep in mind that there are about 12 closets in this house – I never thought the process would end).

The process:

  • unscrew shelving from the wall
  • scrub the shelves in the bathtub with soap and water
  • scrub the shelves again with goo-gone
  • set shelves on towel to air dry
  •  repaint closet walls white

I finally came to a stopping point and I left Mr. Homeowner to paint while I went to Walmart to purchase some storage containers.

After roaming around Walmart for an hour and a half, I came home to the Fiance still painting the same two walls I left him with. He’s quite the perfectionist (and the fumes were going to his head). I took the roller from him to give him a breather and finished up the walls in 20 min (can you guess who’s type B)??


can anyone tell me how this happens?

I was so excited to finish scrubbing that I forgot to take a picture of the finished project (not sorry).

2. Sanding Walls: After owning the home for 3 days, we thought it would be a good idea to paint our home (again, to save money).

The process:

  • use sheets of sandpaper to sand any texture off the walls
  • use a paint rag to then wipe grit from the walls
  • re-sand spots that were still bumpy
  • use paint rag to wipe the grit from the walls
  • dry the walls

(Yes we decided to sand the walls after cleaning all the trim and the baseboards on Friday. The blind leading the blind, people.)


The calvary arrived (the future in laws).

You can guess the rest… painters, kitchen reno crew, delivery crew, and general contractors are all on schedule. My search for funiture and decor is on, but first, tools..




Can’t wait to share more with you but I’m off to NYC.

All the new homeowner goodness,


P.S. I bought a pineapple mat for the front door.


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  1. I giggled so much reading this! Great post 🙂 All the hard work will pay off, I’m sure of it! Enjoy the experience, and creating memories that will stick with you guys forever. <3 Can't wait to see more posts about it. Keep us updated

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