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Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree. How Darling is Thee. 

8 Steps : How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

fullsizerender-71 Lights. Always first. If you have a 7 ft tree, you will need 4 strands of 140 lights per strand. One person should be the unravel’er and the other should be the stringer The unravel’er should stand in front of the stringer and unravel the lights as the stringer strategically strings them on branches. {Please do not fight over the two roles. They are equally as rewarding. One gets to hold the lights and drink bourbon. The other strings the lights where they see fit}


2 Garland. Follow step one. {Switch roles} I prefer to use wide ribbon and twirl it around the tree. ribbon



3 Solid Color Bulbs. This allows you to evenly space your theme colors.



4 Ornate Bulbs. Choose bulbs that are a combination of your color scheme. These bulbs tie your theme together.



5 Wooden, Family, Childhood, Icicle Ornaments. These are the fun ornaments to place on the tree. {Memory sparking ornaments}




6 Gold Sprigs. Because why not?

They’re  gold.

They’re glittery.

They’re 3 dollars.

Now, they’re all mine.


7The Bow. I’m a big fan of bow toppers. Your bow should consist of the same color and material of your garland. {I’m having one crafted by a pro because my bow looks a tad scrawny}




8 Tree Skirt. After you vacuum all the glitter and pine
needles and fill the stand with water, place your skirt around the tree. The skirt should match your color scheme. I found mine here.


All of the darling tree goodness,


P.S. The Cutie hates glitter now more than ever but I, I love it. It may be messy but it’s a beautiful mess. Much like life. Glitter is a constant reminder of grace upon grace. It’s everywhere. You can’t live without it. You’ll see it in the darkest places but when light shines upon it, it sparkles even brighter. So there you have it, glitter.

A reminder of a perfectly imperfect messy life.

A reminder of grace upon grace.

A reminder of Jesus shining his light upon you – a beautiful mess – allowing you to sparkle.

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  1. Such a festive post idea! Your tree is like the perfect height and width, love it. I’m such a fan of the gold decor with the red to make it pop! Can’t wait to see the final product!!

    xo, JJ

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