On the Fourth Day of Blogmas…


This year, I mailed our very first Christmas card. Since my picture is a little ‘grainy,’ I opted for the heavy card stock {time for a new camera}.

christmas card (g c.PNG

Our Christmas Card Display


How do you display your cards?

All the pretty Christmas card goodness,


21 thoughts on “On the Fourth Day of Blogmas…

      1. I have a reindeer that stands up and there’s slits in his ears/antlers that holds them. But I am going to use your idea next year I loved it. Simple idea that looks super cute!

  1. That is the sweetest thing ever, you guys are so precious! I told my boyfriend I want to do that but he’s like maybe when we’re married lol *eye roll* They way you decorated your fireplace with all the past ones is such a good idea! Love it all!

    xo, JJ

    1. So I totally wanted to do one this year but didn’t push it and 2 days ago, he texted me asking if I made one! I got on snapfish, found a promo code, and selected overnight shipping. I was shocked that he was into it!!!! Y’all should do a New Years card 😉

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