On the Fifth Day of Blogmas…


12 December 2016 ● National Ugly Christmas Sweater day

Getting ready for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party? Here are my top 15 choices {in no particular order} – ALL from

 1 Santa Deer 3D Knit Jumperfullsizerender-4

2 Women’s Christmas Stocking Tacky Sweater (Tipsy Elves)


3 Nerdy Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater


4 Cute Santa Suit Ugly Christmas Sweater Tunic


5 Casual Long Sleeve Christmas Reindeer Printed


6 Long Sleeve Reindeer Party Ugly Christmas Sweater


7 Christmas Reindeer Snowflakes Sweater


8 I’m Not Short I’m Just a Tall Elf Christmas


9 Elf Ugly Christmas Sweater


10Christmas Reindeer Snowman Ugly Sweater Pullover Jumper


11 Christmas Present Sweater (Tipsy Elves)


12Santa Deer 3D Knit Jumper


13Fun Shining Reindeer Knit Sweater


14Cute Reindeer Knitted Sweater Girl Pullover


15 Knit Crew Neck Dear Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater {I’m wearing this one to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tomorrow – with a tulle bow}


All the cute Christmas sweater goodness,




24 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of Blogmas…

  1. Greetings! And thanks for this post! Great selection! I am currently still trying to find a proper Christmas jumper. ( Yes. Shock horror: I DO NOT own a cheesy Christmas jumper) but I so want to! And I have now missed the national Christmas jumper day. My son has some, but not me!! I love the reindeer snowflakes one. Have a great weekend! X

    1. I love that they are all from Amazon … 2 day free shipping in the States. It’s probably best that you don’t own one… I didn’t either til last week when I had to order one for a tacky Christmas sweater party! Hope you have a great week!!! xx

      1. Haha! I have never owned one but also require one for a festive event. We all need to dress up in Christmas jumpers. It’s too late and I don’t have one! I do have some reindeer ears headband I might just stick on for effect. At least im making an effort. Ha! Xx

      2. I have found an old sweater with snowflakes on it which is well worn and was in a bag off to the charity store but I have dug it out for one last time- for Christmas jumper times sake! And the reindeer ears, horns whatever they are, are coming too! X

  2. that stocking bottle sweater is the funniest xmas sweater i ever did see. i mean who comes up with these things- theyre so clever! Id say the present sweater with the huge GOLD bow is my second favorite, gold anything always catches my eye 😉

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