On the Sixth and Seventh Day of Blogmas…


It was a wonderfully hectic weekend.


I have always loved the weekend before Christmas. When you’re out and about, you end up standing in store lines and traffic lanes miles long with all of the last minute shoppers – the town is decorated beautifully and filled with Christmas cheer, you can’t help but smile.


The Bestie and I went shopping for those few last minute gifts before the Tacky Christmas Sweater party.



We watched church on the computer before deciding to brave the crowds again.

I finally finished addressing all of my Christmas cards.







What did you do this weekend?

All the goodness of Christmas cheer,


10 thoughts on “On the Sixth and Seventh Day of Blogmas…

  1. I love how they called it a “tacky sweater party” rather than the usual “ugly sweater”. Your husbands leg lamp sweater from A Christmas Story- so awesome, such a classic! Also- your Christmas card labeling, holy moly. next year remind me to send you my list so you can write mine for me too 😉 Sounds like you had a great weekend girlie!

    xo. JJ

    1. I know! The couple who threw it are so cute too! I was totally thinking of doing other people’s Christmas cards for fun because I enjoy it so much! Send stacks of envelopes my way- I need the practice! What’d you do this weekend??

      1. Lol you could totally start like a cute little side business doing that! Writing xmas cards, thank you notes, wedding invites and more! That’d be so cool! This weekend was nothing but lazy, relaxing, and lounging which was awesome! LOL it doesnt happen often so I took full advantage of it!

  2. Hahahha that “Dear Santa” shirt is amazing. I need to find that. Love it. And dang girl- you are talented in that calligraphy department. I need to hire you to do our Christmas cards (which we may not have done this year- WHOOPS!). Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week ☺

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