Love, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes + Valentine’s Homegoods Haul

Oh how I adore the month of February. Nestled in between wintery January and springy March makes for a sweet combination and allows for sprinkles of pink and red to appear all over the love filled home.

The happenings this month include lots of whimsical snail mail love notes, heart shaped snacks, pink and red outfits, banners, decorative towels and napkins, bestie boxes {the adult version of kindergartner Valentines}, and flowers.

My February began {practically how every month begins} with a trip to Homegoods and Target. There I found many decorative towels and the cutest jars and banners. My home is going to be decked out for Cupid’s visit and I can’t wait to share the rest! Stay tuned, my little love bugs. 

All the goodness in this season of love,



12 thoughts on “Love, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes + Valentine’s Homegoods Haul

  1. Ah you found such good things there! Home Goods is seriously my absolute favorite (and most affordable) spot to find decor things. My only problem is that I want to buy everything!!

    xo, JJ

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