Whimsical at the White House

Waking up at 4AM calls for soft smiles and fake lashes yet getting up for air travel makes for a big heart filled with excitement.

It may be quite odd to say but I enjoy waking at 4AM … it seems like no one in the world is awake, it’s still dark, there’s a peace in the air, yet there’s something so soothing about excitement on the brink.

I traveled for a baby shower but made a sight seeing excursion out of it. I even stopped for ice cream on the way. 

All the goodness of baby celebrations and ice cream “Sundays,”




Baby Shower Outfit // Ruari Crop Top & Maxi Skirt Set

Sightseeing Wear // Jacket (S) // Top (S) // Sandals 

3 thoughts on “Whimsical at the White House

  1. Loved this! I went to DC in August with my boyfriend & we had the best time. That jacket is adorable, where is that from!?

    PS- Isn’t Georgetown gorgeous?! Ever since we left I was planning our trip back… 🙂

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