Monthly Goals: May 2017

Instead of beginning the new year with one “life changing, new year, new you” resolution, I like to set weekly or monthly goals.  I find that I accomplish 10x’s more when I have a few { attainable } weekly goals. These goals usually encourage my long term, “reach for the stars” goals. After all, growth requires time, attentiveness, and constant care. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It’s the tiniest of seeds. Have you ever seen a mustard tree? The big branched tree can’t grow 10 feet over night. Gardeners must be patient while tending to the tree – watering, fertilizing, and shielding it from storms. Our aspirations are like mustard seeds and we must trust in the power of small beginnings. When we set smaller, daily goals that encourage our big, overarching, life goals, we are watering and fertilizing our dreams.

Here, I’m sharing 5 of my monthly goals for beautiful May. I thought it would be a fun idea to share my monthly goals with you on a regular basis. I think we could all use some encouragement and motivation when it comes to goals. After all, if we are going to accomplish something great, why not do it together?

Let’s chat about goal number 1.

If you follow me on Instagram, you are well aware that I love sending Whimsical Snail Mail. I am on a mission to find friends to encourage and love on. At the moment, I am working on May’s Whimsy Shipment – those of you who direct messaged me will be receiving your Whimsical Mail by May 22nd { thank you, Mr. Postman }. If you are interested in June Whimsical Mail or a new pen pal, add me on Instagram and DM me with your favorite emoji. I would love to send you some goodies!!!

Let’s love each other fully and well.

All the goodness in good old fashioned snail mail,




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  1. Hi Lovey! I love the idea of memorizing one scripture each week. I need to set that as a priority too. Beautiful goals! You are one sweet, sweet individual!

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