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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

gift guide (use this one)

1. Because bauble earrings are all the rage these days … fashion mom with a cute pair of these! They are available in multiple colors and if you aren’t a fan of this particular style, browse the site… they have everything from pompoms to tassels to pompoms AND tassels. $48
2. The cute lemon tumbler is available here on Kate Spade’s website, you can even select a gift wrap option. Don’t you just love Kate’s whimsical style? If you’re in a crunch, you can find it on Amazon here. $18
3. What busy mom wouldn’t love a week off from dreaded grocery store shopping? Hello Fresh delivers *fresh* ingredients along with yummy recipes right to your door. Purchase a family package, print off the confirmation and slip it in a card. $10/meal
4. For the mom who has cut outs, print outs, and tear outs of recipes scattered all over the house. $36
5. Succulent décor and a candle. Enough said. $28
6. My go to “girl gift.” Butter London has perfected the art of gloss { the color “Free Fall” looks great on everyone }. $20 { use this code for $3.50 off -> 503795 }
7. Draper James, fashion designed by the true southern belle, Reese Witherspoon. A basket or a bag? This is perfect for summertime outfits. $195
8. If you haven’t purchased a Spartina 449, you should totally add one to your collection. They are well-crafted, affordable pieces that pair nicely with casual and formal attire alike. Guess what this one is called? The Magnolia Bauble Bracelet … yep.. the mama in your life needs this southern trendy gem. $38
9. Tassels, yet again!! You go Jack Rogers, you go. $128
10. For the stay at home mom and working mom and even the moms who clean before the service comes { my mom }, a gift card towards a cleaning crew. Price varies by service.
11. For the sweet mama bird, you can purchase this one off of Amazon OR Etsy. Just select the color and number of pearls. $30
12.  I never knew you could GIVE the gift of Amazon Prime. Here‘s how. $99
13. This pineapple cocktail shaker is a bar cart essential and the best part, you can find it on Amazon. $80
14. The softest sheets you’ve ever felt and it gets better for those who struggle to make the bed … there’s a deep pocket option { buy them now for you AND your sweet mama }. $80-160 { use this code to claim 20% off -> BESTSHEETSEVER }
15. Sometimes a mama just needs perfume that smells like she showered 10 minutes ago. This is perfect for those mamas of newborns who don’t have time to wash their hair. $40

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Girl, these are AMAZING ideas!!!! i love the variety. Unfortunately I already did my mother’s day shopping, but next year I’m stealing some of these ideas FOR SURE! <3 XO

      1. I actually got her a bag that we were both obsessed with and took her out to eat (when she was in California!). I love these ideas though.. I can’t wait for even Christmas to roll around because these would be great for then too!

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