FAQ {12 facts about the girl behind Whimsical}

1. What’s your favorite cocktail? whiskey neat

2. What is your favorite summer drink from Starbucks? shaken green tea – sans sugar/syrup

3. What is your mantra this season? “This is your life, are you who you want to be?”

4. Are you an early bird or night owl? unless I’m catching a flight, I don’t do mornings

5. Whats your favorite phone app?  instagram { check out my page here }

6. Where was your last vacation? a very quiet island with the family

7. What’s your favorite dessert? ghirardelli dark chocolate brownie batter { fun fact, I only like brownies in batter form or undercooked and two days old – NEVER hot }

8. What is your Favorite Charlotte dinner spot? the cutest french bistro in South Park Charlotte, Café Monte

9. What is your pet peeve? easy! nonexistent table manners – chomping, finger licking, taking a seat before your host sits down { or the ladies sit down }

10. What is on your wish list this year? a new MacBook Pro

11. What is your favorite summer perfume? Coconut Milk Mango by go be lovely

12. What are some items in your closet you can’t live without? neutral handbags and nude wedges


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