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With September quickly approaching, I decided to go ahead and post some of my favorite products of the month. Scroll through my August Favorites and tell me what you think on my Instagram page.



– To be honest, I’ve never used Pond’s lotion but I’ve always seen Lucille Ball and Audrey Hepburn use Cold Cream in 60’s movies and I assumed it was just an expired beauty secret.  Fast forward – I’m standing in an aisle in Big Lots deliberating my next makeup wipe purchase like I’m trying to choose a Cadillac or a Mercedes. Then, I see the Cold Cream and decide I decide to take it for a test drive. I LOVE it!! Seriously. Makeup wipes require excessive wiping, excessive wiping causes wrinkles {especially around the eyes}, and wrinkles result in more money spent on products. With Cold Cream, all you have to do is rub it on your eyelashes and around your eyes and wash with your regular face wash. Voila! Clean. Purchase yours here.

For my complexion, I find that makeup setting powder works better than makeup setting spray.  I use “COLOR 2 – Banana for medium to tan skin tones” because I find that using a white powder all my face washes me out. After I apply Temptu Airbrush Foundation {Toffee}, I brush this setting powder on and then apply powdered blush. Done! Super easy and your makeup lasts throughout a workday. Purchase yours here.


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This is my favorite summer scent. It’s sweet but subtle with a light coconut-y aroma. Purchase yours here.

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I have been sampling this lippy for 3 months. To be completely honest, I was skeptical at first but this stuff actually lasts. I use it for photo shoots because I don’t have to reapply between pictures. You can sweat, kiss, eat, drink, etc. without it coming off. The only con is that once you put it on, you’re stuck with it {unless you have the “Oops Remover”} and if you don’t reapply the gloss, it will begin to peel. I use Bella for every day wear but I love that you can layer different colors to create your own look. Click here to access Emily’s Instagram. She will match your favorite color to a Lipsense shade so send her a message, she’s the sweetest thing!!

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This is definitely my all time favvvvv dry shampoo. They have SO many fragrances and options for Blondes, Medium Brunettes, and Dark Brunettes. You can even spray it on your roots between color appointments. The only con is that when you shower, you will think your pretty hair color is coming out, DON’T FREAK –  it is just the color in the spray. I usually wash my hair once or twice a week {if you’re lucky} so I spray this at the roots before I go to bed and once I wake up in the morning. It leaves my hair feeling refreshed and it smells amazing.



Beautiful Brunette { Light Brown }


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