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August 2017 iPhone Upload

Hi friends! As you know from my Instagram, it’s been a busy busy month for me. Let’s start from the beginning.

I vacationed with my family and had the most relaxing time. Being at the ocean is so healing for the soul.


Mom and I can sit on the beach from sun up to sun down.


I always make friends with the locals.


There might not be much civilization on the island but I can always find mint chip!


Mornings spent watching the ocean are always my favorite.


On Sunday of vacation, Mom fell so we flew back home to get her stitches just above her eye.

On Monday { my first day back from vacay }, I decided to “one-up” my mom and take myself to the ER for the worst stomach pain ever. The nurse asks me how much pain I’m in and I tell her an 8 but refuse pain meds “just in case I’m having the biggest gas pain in my life { she laughs }.” I sit there in my gown thinking, “thank goodness I painted my toes and shaved my legs last night.” It’s time for the CAT scan and they discover a few inflamed organs, one of which is my appendix. It’s time to take it out!!


A little after midnight, I came out of surgery with one less organ and a few ounces skinnier { yay wedding diet }.

My friends and family are the best! They brought me flowers and crafts, kept me company, cooked us dinner, and stocked our cabinet with favorites from Bath & Body Works.

Oh did I mention, since the docs gave me a new belly button, I decided to get new hair. Ta-da! I’m blonde!


Well friends, we made it safely to the end of the month { or so we thought } and The Cutie decides to steal my thunder and go into surgery. We won’t go into details here { I’ll save you a sick stomach } but he’s doing MUCH better.


All the goodness in making the best out of life’s storms,


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