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Gifts for New Moms {& Dads}

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A couple many of our friends just had babies { all baby girls … something must be in the water } and I had no idea what to get them since many of them were already experienced parents with no registries. I found myself turning to Pinterest for gift ideas but much to my surprise, I didn’t find any ideas. So I took the liberty to list unique gifts for new moms parents. { Click on the images for direct links. }

N u R o o   N u r s i n g   S c a r f

This is a great gift for moms during the fall and winter. In just a few snaps, this scarf turns into a nursing shield. { Available in 3 Colors }scarf

Q & A   a   D a y   f o r   M o m s:   A   5   Y e a r   J o u r n a l

I’m currently in the middle of another version of this book and it’s fun to look back on. I think the Mom version is perfect because it probes thoughtful questions and it definitely isn’t the typical “baby book.” Usually, new moms like to pick out their own baby book and I rarely see moms with this journal. You can tie a bow around it and include a cute pen { like I did below }.

E y e   M a s k s

Because those tired eyes from late night feedings need to be pampered –  she can wear this while she naps or feeds the baby. Dads can use one too!

hot-cold eyemask

C l e a n i n g   S e r v i c e   G i f t   C a r d

After numerous sleepless nights, the last thing new parents want to do is clean the house. Gifting them with a monthly { or even weekly } cleaning service saves them precious time so they can worry about other things { like cleaning up spit up and changing diapers }.

merrymaid gift card

T h e   G i f t   o f   A m a z o n   P r i m e   o r   a n   A m a z o n   G i f t   C a r d

Everything Most things a mother needs can be ordered on amazon – diapers, soap, paper towels, etc. You can tie an Amazon gift card to this box of honest diapers { gift cards are available for Instant Delivery or Free One-Day Shipping }.


G i f t   C a r d   t o   t h e   L o c a l   D r y   B  a r

Who knows how long it’s been since she washed her hair – you can tie the gift card to a bottle of dry shampoo. See my favorite dry shampoos here.

dry bar gift card

 B l u e   A p r o n   { or the like }   G i f t   C a r d

With a newborn in tow, the grocery store can be a daunting place. What’s even worse? Meal planning with a toddler tugging on her leg, a new born on her arm, and a husband needing back scratches. Save her the time and stress by giving her the gift of pre-planned meal and groceries at her doorstep. Attach gift card to a bottle of dietcoke wine tequila.

G i f t   C a r d   t o   t h e   S p a

She needs a day to herself. Give this to her and offer to babysit while she gets pampered. She will be forever grateful.

spafinder gift card

G i f t   C a r d   f o r   D a t e   N i g h t   O u t

A gift card to mom and dad’s favorite dinner spot. You can attach to a bottle of wine, a fancy olive oil, or a pineapple. Offer to babysit so they can enjoy a date night out. And you should totally check out these wine bottle labels – they are the funniest/cutest/most creative idea ever!

wine labels

i R o b o t   R o o m b a   V a c u u m 

If you really want to hit the jackpot, order the family a Roomba. With the press of a button, their floors are clean { Dads, you’ll need to clean the hair off of the rollers every few weeks — trust me, it’s the least you can do }.


Whimsically Yours,


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