A Whimsical Lantern {Fall Edition}

hi festive friends!

It’s fall and it’s time to start decorating your mantel/fireplace again. I found this lantern at the Pottery Barn Outlet – I selected this one because it is tall and wide enough to decorate for each season. During the summer months, I decorate it with a flower filled vase but during the fall, winter, and spring, I like to decorate for each holiday. This month, I decorated for the fall. Read on for the “how to!” I found all of my decorative items at the Black Lion but I’ll be including links to similar items on Amazon – because we all love that Prime Delivery.

Step One


Select your lantern – it needs to be tall and wide enough to decorate. Like I said before, mine is from the Pottery Barn Outlet but here are some other options { click on images for direct links to purchase }.

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Step Two

Select some seasonal greenery and small decor pieces.





Pro Tip- you should totally add fairy lights around the base or around the wreath on the candle stand.

fairy lights.jpg

Step Three

Move candle stand to corner of lantern to off center the main piece.


Step Four

Place wreath in the candle holder.


Step Five

Nestle your pumpkin into the wreath to ensure that it doesn’t tip over.


Step Six

Cut filler to fill empty space at bottom of the lantern. I cut mine evenly so it’s reusable!


Layer the greenery so that the stems are hidden.



Step Seven

Place mini pumpkins on top of the filler greenery.


Remember the rule of 3s or 5s  – always group things in odd numbers! No, I’m not superstitious… I just like to pretend I’m an interior decorator. Believable, right??


If you purchased the fairy lights, you can wrap them around the base of the lantern or on top of the candle stand and around the wreath. The battery pack is easily hidden in the greenery.

Whimsically Yours,


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