On Wednesday We Wear Pink {3} + Women Wednesday

This is not what I had planned. I originally selected cute pink clothes and cute blush purses to post but instead I’m going another direction. So hang tight!

How to Encourage Women  

How to Encourage your Best Friend

How to Lift Up Your Best Friend

All it took was a simple google search to find that what I was looking for wasn’t there. Searches rendered phrases like, “tell her,” “pray for her,” or “buy her an encouragement box.” Sure, telling her that she’s important is important, telling her that you’ll pray for her is important, purchasing a gift for her is important but there has to be more!

We need to get our hands dirty. We need to tell her things like, “you are the girl for the job,” “you are equipped,” “you are adequate,” “you are my first choice.” And not only do we need tell her that we’ll pray for her but we need to actually pray for her right then and there, send her our prayers via text, or write her letters with prayer. Fill those prayers with fruit not fluff. Pray for the hard things, pray for the things that are embarrassing. Not only are you encouraging her but you are reaching out, grabbing her hand, telling her that you’re on her team, and actually lifting her up.

Let’s pick each other up.

More on this next week.

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