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January Declutter Project

I can’t bring myself to take down Christmas decorations. From corner to corner, my home is filled with sprigs of warmth and joy. I love it, I’m attached to it, and it makes me happy.

So here’s my rule: take it down when you’re good and ready.

Here’s how I get ready:

Once I finish the January Declutter Project, I’m able to breathe in the new season.

Once I can breathe again, I’m ready to take down Christmas decor and start afresh.

The January Declutter Project

Here’s how it all goes down:

  1. Create the First ToDo List
    • On this list I write down things that must be accomplished this week {i.e. laundry, bathroom wipe down, etc}
  2. Create the Second ToDo List
    • On this list, I write down things that must be decluttered over time {These are considered “projects.” i.e. pantry, closets, etc}
  3. This week, accomplish everything on the First List and one thing from the Second List
  4. Next week, you will have another First ToDo List. Accomplish everything on that new, First List + another thing from your Second List
  5. Continue this process until you accomplish everything on your Second List

Pro Tip: Do not spend an entire day cleaning. Create small goals to accomplish each week until all your goals are completed.

Pro Tip: Cross off accomplishments from your lists.

Whimsically Yours,


To start your declutter project, download the following PDF here.

January Declutter Project

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