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I ran a poll on Instagram asking friends if they struggled with anxiety. The overwhelming majority voted “yes” so I figured a blog post was an order. I might get a little personal, so if that’s not your cup of tea, catch me next time!

To be honest, I used to struggle with anxiety almost 24/7 and it crippled me. To the point where I couldn’t keep down food, I missed college classes, and my doctor was convinced I had anorexia {I didn’t}. My anxiety consumed every thought and every ounce of energy. After a few months, I received help from doctors and learned how to cope. And my dear friends, I still have worries but by God’s grace, I don’t struggle with anxiety like I used to.

Here’s what helped me, it might help you.

Bible Verse

Write scripture on a small piece of paper and put it in your pocket, in a locket, or write it on your hand or arm.


If you feel panic coming on, begin to giggle. That fake laugh will turn into a real laugh and it’s practically impossible to belly laugh and panic at the same time. Laughing increases endorphins…

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Tighten Limbs

I’m not sure of the science behind this but it totally helped me. When you start to panic, squeeze your feet, then your calves, then your thighs, then your butt, then your abs, and so on until you’re tightly squeeze your hands. Then release and do it again.


I just couldn’t believe that tea could help until it was my last resort. Whether it’s a placebo or not, I don’t care. This worked for me and it might work for you. I started out drinking chamomile tea {all day, no sugar or honey} but it got old and I figured I needed to switch it up. So after a bunch of research, I found this tea. Oh my goodness – it worked even better than the chamomile – again, placebo? DIDN’T CARE. Worth every penny to be able to get through a class without a panic. It doesn’t have the best amazon reviews but I wouldn’t promote if it didn’t help me. I think I still have a few bags left, so if you want to try it, I’ll gladly mail a few to you.


Shall I reference the Legally Blonde meme again? But really, my doctor suggested 3 walks a day for 15 min. Get your heart rate up to release endorphins and try to unplug during those 15 minute breaks.


I cannot stress this enough – most of my panics occurred when I was not getting at least 8 hours asleep. There’s just something about rest that does good for your mind. Sleep takes the biggest toll on your body – your skin, your eyes, your mind, your immune system. Get your sleep and do whatever it takes to get it.

Essential Oils

I diffused lavender at night while applying a combination of to my skin. This didn’t help me during the day much but at night, it worked wonders. I would apply to the bottom of my feet and cover with socks, to my wrists, and too the pressure points on my neck.

I pray that a few of these techniques will work for you and if you ever want to talk, send me an Instagram direct message. You’re not alone.


Whimsically Yours,


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  1. Love the post, I’m glad you were able to share this! I’m sure all of these work, but I know for me exercising helps significantly. It increases my overall energy and keeps me in a positive mood.

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