Portugal 2017 + Touring Lisbon

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If you’re still following along with this series, I’m glad you’re back! Today, I’m going to take you through our tours of Lisbon.


We did a tour each day and even though it was exhausting, I’m so glad we did it.


Portugal is rich in history, adorned in architecture, and flooded with locals that are ready to tour you around.


If you’ve ever visited Spain or Portugal, you know that pick pocket-ers roam the city streets. Men, do not put a wallet in your pocket. Women, you need this bag, or something similar – trust me, it will save you lots of heartache. Several people in our tour group were pick-pocketed because to thieves, tourists stick out like a sore thumb – so please keep your guard up.

{Pro Tip: Hide your passport in your room and only carry copies in your purse or wallet.}




The first day was warmer than the rest, so I was happy to wear these sandals with jeans and a blouse.


Cod is an iconic ingredient of Portuguese cuisine – it’s incorporated in every single menu and you will almost always find it dried and salted. This version of the fish was not my favorite.


Ginja – a Portuguese liqueur made by infusing ginga berries with alcohol and sugar. It is usually served in shot form with a piece of fruit at the bottom. Sweet shots {in the middle of the day} are not my favorite so Greg tried it – he said it tasted like cough syrup.


I could eat at all the little cafes and bistros. Every single pastry and espresso was superb.



Saint George’s Castle



After seeing this castle from almost all angles of the city, we decided to climb the hill to reach the top – just kidding – we rode a Tuk Tuk to the top and girl, am I glad {it’s a long way up to the castle but be warned – if you have a weak stomach – you might get car sick}.


After reaching it to the top, we had a meal on the overlook. It was beautifully relaxing.


The next day, we went exploring again but this time, we ventured out to the other side of the city. I just had to capture the bridge that looked just like the Golden Gate.




On our way back in to the hotel, we stopped at Brown’s Bistro – yay for no cod!! Greg had a burger and fries and I had a quiche and croissant {to save for later}.



The following day, we explored another castle and the sweet town of Sintra. I could have explored this town for a couple of days.. it was so quaint and the people were so friendly.


Sintra looks like it was designed for a fairy tale storybook and if you know anything about Portugal, you know that it produces about half of the world’s output of commercial cork. Naturally, I bought all the shoes and cork accessories.


For lunch, we ate at the Central Palace Hotel and this time, I enjoyed the cod.


I was all about the pretty stone streets!


I hope you enjoyed this quick tour! Stay tuned for more.

Whimsically Yours,

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