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The Thing About Raccoon Eyes

Alright, ladies! If you’ve watched my insta-stories, you’ve probably noticed more and more beauty and hair tips. I find that so many bloggers have helped me in the beauty department that I want to help YOU! Now, I’m very hesitant to start a series with wedding season around the corner but I can totally commit to ONE post a week with ONE or even two tips. Here goes the first… RACOON EYES. You get them after a long day of work, after a workout, or after a night out but I get them by just blinking once or twice. It took me over 2 decades to figure this trick out, although, I refused to wear mascara until I was a senior in high school (I would even cry when mom applied clear mascara to my eyes).  The best way to combat raccoon eyes are by “sealing your mascara covered lashes.”

Here’s how.

  1. After finishing your face makeup, apply primer to one eye, wait a few seconds to dry.
  2. Apply mascara to those primed lashes.
  3. Repeat on the other. If you’re going to apply falsies, wait until mascara dries completely then do so.
  4. Finish getting ready and come back to the lashes.
  5. After about 5-10 minutes, apply the “mascara seal**” solution to your top and bottom lashes.
  6. On the bottom lashes, be sure to apply on the top of the lashes and underneath the lashes.

What you’ll need.


How to create the Mascara Seal.

You’ll have to mix these on your own by removing ½ of the clear mascara and adding 7-10 drops of the aqua seal. It DOES NOT work the same if you add this to black mascara. The clear somehow seals the black.

Here’s the proof.


This is me in all my after-gym, post 9 hours at work, unfiltered glory. There’s sweat on my forehead to prove the point that this stuff actually works. I totally felt silly working out in all my makeup BUT we have the proof y’all!! P.S. The  background isn’t ideal but at least it’s real!

Here’s the PRO TIP.

Wearing any sort of falsies will help deter the raccoon from taking claim under your eyes.

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    1. Oh my gosh!! Thanks girl!! All mine… all I do is use benefit to fill them in a smidge but there’s a lot of eyebrow right there! LOL

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