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The Whimsical Wedding: My Wedding Planner & Friend, Melanie Murphy

Wedding details will come but first, let me tell you about my God send. Her name is Melanie Murphy and she owns By Invitation Only.

Behind the scenes, she makes magic happen and is always hustling efficiently to put on the best event of your life. Right in front of you, she’s poised, calm, and a breath of fresh air when you’re sitting on the floor panicking that your wedding dress is too tight. She and her team work harder than anyone I know and any little detail you can think of, well, she’s already thought of it and has a plan to execute. Anything your little bridal heart desires, she can recreate and there’s actually no task too big.

One afternoon, I had a particularly hard day at work so I arrived to a meeting with Melanie late – which, BTW, is extremely uncharacteristic of me. We had so much on the To Do List to cover as this was the last official meeting before the big day. Melanie accomplished everything we needed to check off and more in that short time span. I was astounded but should have known…. no time is every wasted and she can fit any conversation into a small time frame. If you’re a busy bee, she can work with with you. If you’re a slow, graceful talker, unlike me, she can work with you. If you don’t have family near and need a wedding planner to attend vendor meetings with you, she will be there. If you’re at the church in the last hour and can’t decide on lighting, she will be there.

During our rehearsal, the light and sound crew at our church were choosing stage aesthetics. They were flipping through colors of lights so fast and I felt stumped. I didn’t want colored lights or any lights really but as I was talking to the crew in the balcony, I looked over, and Melanie was right there. I took one look at her, confused as ever, and all she said was, “Nope. No lights” and that was that. In that moment, I was totally in awe. She was in every aspect of the wedding- right there with me. She was the last person I saw before Daddy and I walked down the aisle and the first person I saw (with drinks in hand for G and me) before arriving at the reception.

She totally impressed Daddy throughout the entire planning process and being the control freak that he is, he thought he was going to have to run the reception. Much to his surprise, he was wrong. Melanie and her lovely team took care of every little aspect and all he had to do was enjoy the evening. Most parents can’t say they enjoyed their daughter’s wedding but mine can. In the world of business, it takes a lot to impress my dad and she totally blew him away with her ability to run finances, pull numbers from memory, and stick to a budget. For my mom, this wedding was her first formal event she’s ever planned. Mom was nervous because much of this wedding fell on her since she was in my hometown but once we asked Melanie to be a part of this process, mom felt at ease. She’s an incredible resource and I’ll forever be grateful to her for creating the best day of my life.

Melanie, I love you so much and owe you the world!

Check out Melanie’s Instagram.

Whimsically Yours,


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