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Augusta Girls’ Weekend

The Short Version


  • Checked into Crowne Plaza North Augusta (greeted with bubbly)
  • Drinks at Salt + Marrow Parlor Bar
  • Photoshoot with the Darling, Julia Akiko
  • Dinner at Salt & Marrow in the Hotel
  • Hotel Tour
  • Green Jackets Game (across the street at SRP Park)
  • Drinks on the CP Roof top at Jackson’s Bluff


  • Checked out of Crowne Plaza North Augusta
  • Traveled to Surrey Center for Breakfast at Bodega Ultima
  • Shopping at Swank Co
  • Photo Shoot
  • Shopping at Fab’rik Augusta
  • Checked into The Partridge Inn
  • Photo Shoot with Volvos
  • Drinks and Charcuterie on the Terrace Upstairs
  • Hotel Tour
  • Festival Hair for Us Girls
  • Pool Party and Photo Shoot
  • Dinner at Di Vino
  • Drinks at P.I. Rooftop Bar
  • Slumber Party in the Room


  • Brunch at the P.I. Bar & Grill on the Beautiful Terrace
  • Photoshoot with Julia Akiko
  • Check out of The Partridge Inn
  • Photoshoot
  • Drive Home


The Long Version

This girls’ weekend has been planned for quite some time but I never imagined that Augusta would be such a wonderful and hospitable place to visit. I’ve been for the Masters but never for just plain, no boys, pure fun! I came back from the trip with the sleepiest of eyes but with truly a full heart.

F r i d a y

Ashlen, from The Chic AF, and I left Charlotte after what seemed like the longest morning of my life. (When I’m not blogging, I’m working in corporate America). There just so happened to be a huge water line break that morning in South Park that effected our office entirely. We were out of water and out of a/c and the office was about 89 degrees. IT. WAS. HOT. and I wasn’t in the best mood leaving for Augusta. My moody, sweaty bum quickly turned pleasant again when Ashlen and I stopped at our beloved QT for snacks. (HANGER IS FOR REAL, Y’ALL)

After a couple hours of driving, we arrived at the Crowne Plaza in North Augusta and were greeted with the happiest of faces and the bubbliest champagne. It was absolutely lovely!! The Crowne Plaza is a brand new hotel across from SRP Park where the Green Jackets play baseball.

We arrived to the the sweetest gifts from Anna, Life and Lattes, perfectly placed on our beds! She was hosting us in her home town for the entire weekend and we couldn’t have been more excited. The room was gorgeous, so clean, and set up with tons of space to stay a while! Once we got settled in, freshened up (ya girl HAD to shower after that AM), applied eyelashes (Ashlen finally did it herself.. WOOP), and drank some Titos (yes, we pack it wherever we go), we headed downstairs for some champagne at the Salt and Marrow Parlor bar. You’ll see in the pictures that I, of course, was the loner and forgot to pick up a glass. Oops! We toured the hotel’s new garden wedding venue and found our way to Salt and Marrow for dinner. I ordered a steak and twice baked potato but wished I had ordered 2 potatoes! Those were soooooooo good. After dining, we “quickly” (bloggers take for*freaking*ever) changed for a the Green Jackets Baseball Game.

Once we arrived at the Park (it was so nice leaving the car parked at the hotel and walk right on over), we showed our IDs and received wrist bands for drinks. We headed up to the WOW! Club for drinks and watched the game from up top. It was nice being in the A/C but the park does a good job of keeping mister fans going throughout the park. (VIP tix will get you into that club.)

Our next stop was Jackson’s Bluff for a crazy amount of “adult” popsicles and fancy drinks. They were delish but I was there for the fries. Oh my good gracious, those things were cooked to perfection and unlike any I’ve ever tasted. If you visit, ORDER THEM!

Being tired from the full day, the granny in me retired to the room a bit early that night. I’m glad I did because the hotel had a cute little marg bar set up for us!

S a t u r d a y

It was hard to wake up so early on Saturday morning but the hotel was as sweet as freshly baked blueberry muffins and delivered hot tea, coffee, and pastries to our room while we were getting ready. It was such a nice treat because we were STARVING. After getting dressed and painting our faces to cover up the night before (we truly needed a detox facial), we packed up our 2 ton luggage cart and headed downstairs to get in the Volvos (provided by Gerald Jones) for BRUNCH.

The brekkie could not have come soon enough and the folks at Bodega Ultima patiently waited for our arrival. I ordered a bagel (they those bad boys in house) with butter and homemade jam, fruit, and grapefruit juice “served in a fancy glass.” I think everyone was to the point of hangry because no one chatted during breakfast and the non-morning person in me thought it was glorious.

After filling our bellies, we enjoyed some shopping in Surrey Center. Our first stop was The Swank Company to pick up some sweet earrings for my sister in law (it was hard to decide on a pair because they had an abundance of fun ones), Tyler Glamorous Wash for my mom (our absolute favorite way to do laundry & always, always included in my gift guides), and a bath fizzy for myself! Julia Akiko also met us there for a quick photoshoot in front of small town store fronts beaming with character. After a couple group shots, we headed over to Fab’rik Augusta. The team of sweet girls had the cutest treats for us. A tray full of bubbly, cookies, and COLD WAATER… finally. We settled in and immediately begin playing dress up. We had such a great time and shot a few more looks before heading to The Partridge Inn.

After arriving at the gorgeous hotel, we went up to the terrace for some light snacks and iced tea. There was a cool breeze from the fans going so we were able to enjoy an hour or so in the rocking chairs while our rooms were being prepared. It was not long before we realized that The P. I. is a haunted hotel which made for some belly laughs, nervous giggles, and pranks throughout our stay. Read more here!

After a quick hotel tour, we checked out our rooms, dressed in our lounge wear, and cuddled up in Anna’s room as we waited our turn for festival braids with Holly Mae. It was time for another photoshoot by the pool where we enjoyed fresh fruit and rose. The folks at The P.I. were so kind and accommodating but it was quite funny to see the other hotel guests’ reactions to our set up. Some girls were sitting on the ground holding a tray of fruit and smiling, others were swapping outfits in the blink of an eye, and many of us were leaning out of the pool trying to get THE ONE SHOT that didn’t make us look too loser-ish. As soon as I got the shots I needed, I ran back upstairs to get ready for our next appointment. I’ve learned through my travels and adventures to build in a couple hours to myself. (I ward away anxiety with a built in rest and recharge.)

We had dinner planned at Di Vino in the cutest little town I’ve ever seen. It seriously looked like I walked onto the Andy Griffith film set. I dream about going back because the feeling of being there was just so magical. We ordered delicious pasta and laughed the entire night. When we arrived back at the hotel, we tasted the “Emily” drink at the rooftop bar and off we went to change into our cute PJs from Red Dress Boutique. It honestly felt like we were little kids in matching PJs jumping on the bed. We had buckets of popcorn, bottles of bubbly, and jars of delicious candy. After our 2nd noise complaint for blasting NSYNC, we settled into our beds, said our prayers, and closed our eyes.

S u n d a y

We were able to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning before brunch but we certainly got ready and packed up quickly because we were HUNGRY! Brunch was absolutely spectacular. I ordered the French Toast stuffed with scrumptious cream cheese and fruit and almost ordered seconds!! It was a leisurely breakfast but Ashlen and I had to take a few more shots before we said our goodbyes. We were tired but I’m glad we took the time to capture more outfits for some local boutiques. When it was time to leave, we hugged everyone and were so sad to part ways but I was excited to get back to my little family. It was such a joyous weekend and I soooooooo look forward to seeing those sweet girls soon!

Whimsically Yours,




Saturday Night Dinner Dress from Pink Lilly Boutique


Tassel Earrings for the 4th from The Knotty Tassel


Monogrammed PJs and A Darling Bag from United Monograms


My EVERYTHING BAG from Red Dress Boutique – this thing fits everything and I carry it every dang day! Work, Farmer’s Market, Play!

Judith March PJs from Red Dress Boutique – actually comfortable to sleep in and on major sale!

Shorts, Tank, Robe

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