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Midi Dresses + Tale of a Tall Middle School Girl

S T O R Y   T I M E

I fell in love with midi dresses about a month ago when I wore my first true midi. Well, it probably wasn’t my very first but it was then when I realized how great they are. Being 5 foot 7, I’ve always struggled with length of dresses and skirts.

I think the struggle really began when I hit my growth spurt in 7th grade. It was hard to find skirts, dresses, and shorts that fit the school’s dress code requirement of “finger tip” length. Quite possibly the dumbest dress code ever as some girls have really long arms and hands (like me) while others have short arms and small hands (like I wanted). At that time, brands were not making “appropriate” length clothing so I shopped for skorts and Bermuda shorts at the Children’s Place while other girls my age were shopping at Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister.

One day I came into school with skort one inch above my knees, it was from the Children’s Place and it was striped brown, red, and burnt orange (hideous). I remember walking into math class and seeing one girl’s hole-y jean skirt thinking to myself how annoying it was that the mean girls in my school were short and could wear whatever they wanted. As I sat down, the math teacher called me outside to discuss the length of my skirt. I was mortified as I was the kid who sat in the front of the classroom, only had 2 friends, and feared any sort of attention. When we got outside, I started crying as she asked me to put my arms down, the tip of my middle finger hit the bottom of the skirt – FAIL. This teacher asked me to call my parents so they could bring a change of outfit.

I sat in the hallway outside of the classroom waiting for my parents. Mom sent Daddy over to the school because she was upset and he was pretty fired up. I come from a super southern, conservative family who would never allow me out of the house in anything deemed “inappropriate.” Heck, I didn’t even own a spaghetti strap top until highschool!

My Daddy arrived with a pair of jeans and a letter to the principal. My skorts were never a problem after that. He was my biggest advocate and still is and that school, well, finger tip length is no longer a rule.

So here we are, decades later, and I’m discovering the popularity of midi dresses. I love them because I can come to work in them, babysit in them and chase the kiddos, and they cover my knees when I sit down.

M I D I   D R E S S E S


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