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And then there were three…

We’ve been keeping this secret for quite some time and Greg swore I was never going to announce it because I enjoyed keeping baby away from social media but I hated not sharing “life” with my community. I went silent for a while on socials because my body was screaming for rest. The exhaustion was like nothing I’d ever experienced and the nausea was debilitating. The exhaustion felt like I was a walking around on NyQuil (I wasn’t taking any drowsy medicine AT ALL) and there were moments that I couldn’t remember how I got from place to place. But I’ll save the symptoms and first trimester update for another day. Let’s get to the good stuff… finding out!

In June, I missed my period so I went to my GP (general practitioner) for an HCG blood test (I don’t like suspense and I just wanted peace of mind) and routine visit. My doctor actually laughed at me for thinking I was pregnant since I had been having so much trouble with endo. She said I needed to be patient and not hurry in when I miss my period. They tested, it was negative, and she sent me home.

In late July, I ordered pregnancy tests so I could test right at home, if need be. One Saturday, the tests arrived while I was meal prepping for the week and felt a little “off” so I thought, “since these dishes are in the oven, might as well just test.” (It was about time for my period… I’ve never taken birth control of any kind so I tend to stay on schedule.)

I peed on the stick and left it in the bathroom for an hour or so and totally forgot about it. I walked back in to throw it away and saw the faintest pink line. I quickly texted a good friend, Lyndsey, because I thought it was an evaporation line and she totally freaked out for us and I started freaking out and shaking and totally didn’t believe it.

Around this time, Greg was totally clueless. He was cleaning his shot gun and I was preparing meals and he knows to stay out of the kitchen while I cook!

I walked out of the bathroom in complete shock and *tried* to just finish the meals. I couldn’t. I had to tell Greg and had to tell him immediately.

I quickly grabbed this spoon (I purchased it on Prime Day a while ago because it was only a couple bucks and I wanted to have it for the future) and stuck it in a tub of ice cream. I told Greg I needed a picture of him scooping the ice cream for a blog post so he sat right down on the couch and posed (he had no idea I was videoing). I told him to act like he was eating the ice cream and he took a bite and STILL didn’t look at the spoon’s wording. I asked him what the spoon said, he looked down, read “we’re having a baby,” and his expression was priceless.

Fast forward a couple months later and here we are – we’ve had some scary moments and a ton of ups and downs but we are praying our way through it. I constantly recite these words when I get scared or have doubts, “My Father says I’ll have a beautiful pregnancy and I won’t believe your lies.”

Thank you for sharing in our joy.

Photography by Erin Whittle

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“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6













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