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Baby Seymour | First Trimester Q&A

Baby Seymour Update

Due Date: April 1, 2020

Gender: A secret for now. We will find out later!

Names: I like very traditional names. Right now, I’m in between 2-3 for a boy and between 2 for a girl. I do plan on announcing the name though. Bring on the Southern style monograms and embroidery.

Nursery Details: No nursery. We actually plan on moving right after baby is born so I won’t get to prepare a room for baby’s arrival but once I’m able to see the space and decorate, it will not be gender neutral. I like specific color schemes vs ‘room themes.’

How Far Along: 15 weeks (3 months, 3 weeks)

Size of Baby: Avocado.

1st Trimester

How long is the first trimester? First day of last period through 12 weeks.

How are you feeling? Flu-ish. Achy. Exhausted. Nauseated. If I eat too much, I throw up. If I eat too little, I throw up. If I stand up too quickly or for too long, I throw up. If I smell something a teeny tiny bit off, I throw up (the smell of a dishwasher {clean or dirty} makes me puke). My body is so weak but I’m totally praising the Lord for the sickness because it gives me comfort knowing Baby is there.

Cravings? Nothing. Just food aversions. If I could get my nutrients through an IV, I 100% would not be eating.

Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? I think it’s a boy but my entire family thinks it’s a girl. The in-laws think it’s a boy and Greg is undecided. We can’t wait to find out.

Hardest thing about being pregnant so far? Not feeling the baby. Body changing so quickly after I worked so hard to get in shape before the wedding. Worrying about the health of the baby. Not being able to nap or rest throughout the day. All day sickness.

Do you exercise? HA HA! I feel like I’m walking around on NyQuil. I have zero energy but I’ve tried pushing myself TWICE and both times have ended up in a bathroom visit. I can’t wait to start workouts again.

Physical changes? Boobs have gone up a size. My abdomen is constantly aching and I look like I ate 5 Thanksgiving meals at once. I get up to pee at least 4 times a night. If I sleep, it’s in spurts. Legs are not as strong from the lack of workouts. (To be honest, I was scared to workout even before I started feeling bad).

Are you showing? A bit.

What was Greg’s reaction when you told him? I might post the video but it’s just so sweet that I might keep it to myself. He was totally shocked and was not expecting it at all.

Biggest pet peeves? Family or friends comparing my pregnancy to their pregnancy. “I never felt like that for so long, not sure why you’re feeling like that.” <– because my body and hormones are different than yours, ya dingaling. “Acne? That’s just from your skincare..” <– uhh no it’s not. It’s called hormones. People telling me I “need to eat for two.” <– Do a little research. SOO not true.

How did you tell your parents? My parents and brothers were planning on spending the weekend at the lake house after we found out so we figured that would be the perfect excuse to plan a visit. I already had gifts for mom bought and wrapped because her birthday was coming up so we packed those up in the truck and left for a weekend at the lake. As soon as we got there, I was freaking out and immediately had mom open her “gift.” Before she opened it, she said, “is this life changing?” (She totally knew.) I packed tiny socks into a ring box to throw her off and it worked… sort of. She thought I knew I was pregnant weeks before and that I was hiding the news from her. It was crazy because the week before we found out, she texted me worried and asked if I was okay. I thought that text was totally weird but I assured her I was fine. It’s funny how moms have that weird intuition. She knew I was pregnant long before I knew. Daddy and my brothers were SO excited and absolutely thrilled. It was the sweetest thing. (Pictures below.)

How did you tell Greg’s parents? Oh gosh. I wish I could tell you all the ideas that went into this reveal. Greg was definitely the creative here. We made a trip to Raleigh the week following our lake weekend. We were at his brother and sister in law’s house with his parents and the kids. Greg quickly grabbed our niece’s chalkboard, turned it around, acted like she sketched a Picasso and turned it around. It said, “we’re having a baby!” They were so excited and we had to quickly call his sister and brother in law to share the news. I was soooo sad they weren’t there but I was relieved the secret was out. (Pictures below.)

Did you do Materniti21? Yes – at 8 weeks. I didn’t know it was optional. I just let them take my blood.. the nurse just kept filling vials with my blood.

Whimsically Yours,





Pictures from the First Trimester

Our first positive. 

9 or 10 DPO. Pregmate tests had the highest sensitivity.


I couldn’t believe the first one until I took the digital and saw the words.


9 or 10 DPO

We tested with ALL the brands. The only test that didn’t pick up any levels of HCG was First Response, Early Response.


Soaking in the News 

This was right after I found out and right before my face turned into a war zone. No, I’m not glowing. It’s a filter.


First Doctor’s Appointment

This was a regular appointment where they tested my urine again to verify and we went through all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.



Reveal for Mom’s Birthday

Reveal for Greg’s Family


Our First Ultrasound

Had a little scare at 5 weeks so we went in to check things out. The doctor told us that this is the earliest possible photo you could have of a child. We thought that was fitting being that I document my life through pictures. (The red arrow is pointing to the yolk sac. I was measuring right at 5 weeks, 5 days.)

The Only “Protein” I Could Eat While Nauseous

I barely could eat a thing for 8 weeks. These Cookout nuggets kept me fed.



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