Baby Seymour | Third Trimester Q&A

How long is the third trimester? Week 28 until BIRTH!

Cravings? Chocolate chip cookies, cool whip, frozen waffles, Milano Dark Chocolate cookies

How are you feeling? There were some days when I felt stronger than others but generally, I felt very weak. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the lack of sleep or my low iron and platelet count (maybe a combination of both). Around week 29, I began these iron supplements. They are slow release as to reduce the side effects of immediate release iron – one being, constipation (I am updating this post on week 34. This supplement is the way to go. No constipation whatsoever). Pregnant women need to do everything they can to avoid constipation. I had it during the first trimester due to nausea medication and it was the most painful thing! 

First Trimester: severely sick and weak. Was super difficult to stay awake during the day. The exhaustion was severe. Felt like the flu. Food aversions.

Second Trimester: acne set in, more energy, accomplished SO much and tackled Christmas season! Food aversions still there but eating so much more.

Third Trimester: eating so much, less sleep, less energy, weak, physically harder on the body.

Sleep? Sleep is pretty difficult due to the heaviness of my belly. It helped to wedge a pillow underneath my belly as I slept on my side. I used this pillow as a wedge. Most nights, I take unisom to fall asleep and it gives me a couple hours of rest before my body wakes up aching or in need to potty!

Pro Tip: Mamas, ask your OB if it’s okay to sleep on your back. Once my doctor told me this, it helped me rest easier. Side sleeping was so painful to my shoulders, legs, and hips. I prop up the Snoogle on top of a couple pillows against the headboard to sleep on my back. I curl it around me to hold me up and rest my head to the side a bit on the pillow since it’s pretty firm.

Have you picked a name? Yes, but we will not share until her birth! I’m worried that I’ll see her and another name will come to mind. Although, Greg and I really only have one name picked out that we both love so I don’t think we will be changing. 

Do you plan on nursing? Yes, but we will see how it goes. I have all the “breastfeeding necessities” and will try my best. We will introduce her to formula and a bottle within the first week, just in case we need to supplement as I enter the breastfeeding journey.

Are you having a natural birth? I’m opting for a medicated birth.

Glucose test? I was dreading this test but it really wasn’t that bad. I wanted to do the Jelly Bean test instead but I truly didn’t want to fight this battle. The morning of, I had eggs and a slice of cheese. So I wouldn’t throw up the entire morning, I was told not to fast but to only eat protein. As soon as I arrived to my OB, the ladies brought me back to the lab. I had to drink 50 or so mg of this (it wasn’t a full bottle) syrup in less than 5 minutes. It was orange, thick, and sickly sweet. I downed it in about 30 secs and went back to the waiting room for an hour. I had my computer with me so I was able to work in the meantime. When the time was up, they drew my blood to test if my body metabolized sugar well. I ate almonds, drank a pint of water, and protein shake right after but still had a headache by the end of the day.

Is the nursery finished? HA. Haven’t started. Why? Because we will be moving into a bit more sqft after baby arrives.






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