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I’m taking advantage of the Sephora Sale this year by stocking up on my everyday products. Why pay full price for them several times a year when you can buy enough at 20% off to last you the entire year?

Routine + Products + Brushes


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1st: Start by “toning” your face with PURE rose water (I don’t spend extra money on those “fancy products” because they don’t work as well + they’re filled with chemicals.) This is what I use with a cotton round. If you can’t find pure rose water in a grocery store, come back and use this link.

2nd: Apply your favorite moisturizer as a foundation base. This is what I use to control my acne. It’s from Amazon. Doesn’t smell great but it works really well.

3rd: Apply this foundation (I wear the color 30/Almond when I have a spray tan) with your finger tips when your face is still moist from moisturizer. Use this brush for an airbrush finish. Even though it’s not my typical Bobbi Brown brush, I’ve had this brush for several years and prefer it for foundation.

A lighter foundation option: Dior Airflash. Spray and brush in, if needed.

“No make up”/barely there “foundation”: this.

4th: Apply eye shadow primer + shadow from palette + shimmer to coat.

*You have to use primer or your eye lids will end up looking like the image below. I have used this primer since it was first released. Nothing else comes close to the quality of this cream. Eyeshadow sticks and lasts all. day. long. and night… if you happen to fall asleep with it on. (Image copied from Ulta’s site)

*Apply darker shadow color on the outer corner of eye and apply shimmer on inner corner. See image below (copied from Charlotte Tilbury’s site).

Shadow brushes linked here and here. The last set is great because there’s one blush for the deep color shadow and one bigger brush for the swipe of shimmer shadow.

5th: Apply eyeliner… I’m not great drawing a perfect line but this brand stays all day and doesn’t wear on the top of your lid as you blink.

6th: Tackle under eye circles/bags by apply this brightening cream THEN this Shape Tape (only available from Ulta or Amazon- I wear Shade 12S). Nothing compares to this combo. It’s my ride or die, even if I don’t have time for shadow. I apply with a makeup sponge. If needed, I’ll spritz water on my face but never wet the sponge.

7th: Apply this setting powder. It works wonders to keep you from getting those dreaded racoon eyes. Use this setting powder brush. Leave on for a few seconds and brush completely off.

8th: Contour using this bronzer + this brush.

9th: Apply this radiant finish bronzer to give your face a sunkissed look. I wear the color: Radiant Bronze Light (with a spray tan AND without).

10th: This blush + this brush. GAME CHANGER!! Color: Orgasm with Shimmer. If you can only afford one brush on this list, THIS is the brush to buy!

11th: Mascara! Choose your favorite but I use 2 because my lashes are soooo short and sparse. This first, for volume. This second, for length.

12th: This is optional but I love to give my brows a “boost” with this pomade. The cream keeps them shaped all day but the built in brush is NOT good. Use this brush instead. This one bottle will last you 2 years (or more). you only need to touch the pomade lightly with the brush and still may even need to knock off some color.

13th: If you’re feeling adventurous, add some highlighter in the corner of your eyes or on your waterline. This what I use. It makes me look more “awake…”

Products worth stocking up on…

If you don’t feel like wearing a heavy foundation, this brand is stellar. It’s great when you want the “no make up” look. A lightweight foundation that’s hydrating and has a radiant finish. I wear shade 2- Fair.

Eyeliner pencil that I use on my waterline for “night-time makeup.”

The face wash I use to combat acne.

Acne patches.

The only face mask you’ll ever need.

Lip plumper that ACTUALLY works.

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