Hi darlings! I’m so happy you’re here. Join me on this crazy, whimsical adventure called life.

Slamming Doors and Messy Floors


When every blogger’s life seems perfectly tidy and life seems perfectly chic, you should be made aware of my perfectly imperfect life.

Slamming Doors and Messy Floors … the reality behind the pictures. Under my kitchen table, you’ll find crumbs. On my bathroom floor, you’ll find hair and bits of makeup. In my closet, you’ll find overflowing laundry baskets. On my fridge, you’ll find fingerprints.

Why isn’t my house always perfectly clean? Because it’s a home. Slamming doors means it’s a warm and inviting home. Messy floors means we live here, we cook and drop crumbs, we craft and scatter glitter.  Dirty dishes means we have a job that feeds our appetites and fills our bellies.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure through my perfectly imperfect life and I hope to have the pleasure in joining yours.




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